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I wanted to get tutoring services from this company. I simply typed Book Smart Tutor Reviews on Google.

It appears their reviews were written by the same person. I looked into this further and found that not only does it appear that they write their own reviews, they duplicated the same review from another site and copied it with a different name on Google reviews. See images I attached. Albert King from Google is the same review as Stacey S on the other site.

The deleted Albert Kings review after I posted this! This goes to show who they are!

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Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada #1154518

That is awful, and very misleading. I have heard of businesses actually paying companies to offer reviews on Yelp, and Google.

I am surprised this agency is continuing to operate, the evidence is there.

Toronto, Ontario, Canada #1048500

It just goes to show what some business will do to rob you of your hard earned money. Shame on this business for faking their reviews. If you cannot get legitimate reviews than you should not be in business!

Fort Shawnee, Ohio, United States #1016550

I agree I would use the internet as a last resource for trusted reviews. The only reason why companies like Book smart tutors would fake their reviews is very simple.

They must be new and need people to believe they have been around for a while.

Wyoming, Michigan, United States #1012214

It is better to trust word of mouth rather then the internet.

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada #963836

Why does this not surprise me??? Business have to bend the rules to make money.

That is the nature of surviving a business. But this is really bad for the consumer.

Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, Canada #954166

This makes me believe that these type of companies are not trustworthy if the do something like this.

Mississippi, United States #952507

Yep!. Just seems like the reputation of this business just went down the toilet for pulling something like that!

I am surprised a tutoring business in the education full can pull that off. As for this Company Book Smart Tutors stop posting fake reviews.

You can easily tell that all your goggle reviews are faked.

Nebraska, United States #949111

Awful. Just plain awful! that a company would go to such lengths to get clients!!!

Mississauga, Ontario, Canada #937561

Why am I not surprised? Simply business like this Book smart tutoring company will use whatever tactic to increase business.

So I am not surprised that they faked their own reviews. Some companies just do that.

Scarborough, Ontario, Canada #918465

I am glad I saw this before paying for a tutor for my daughter. I found a private tutor instead. If Books Smart Tutors have done this secretly I could just imagine how they would have treated me as a paying client.

Denver, Colorado, United States #915253

Just awful to hear that companies do this to get more business. Who can you trust now a days.

Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada #910780

I had the same issue with a restaurant I recently visited. The reviews were good.

Too good if you know what I mean. We went there and the food was horrible the service was substandard. When I looked closely at the reviews they seemed too good to be true. I started reading the reviews and found that their reviews were written by the same person.

So when I goggled "companies faking their reviews" for some reason I got this page. Book Smart Tutors company should revisit their reviews and erase the fake ones they created to boost customer sales. I agree with Uri below. You should not trust reviews.

You should trust word of mouth if you can. In conclusion If i was looking for tuition I would definitely avoid this book tutors company.

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada #907703

This is very sad that this book smart tutor company faked their own reviews. That is why I would research a company and only choose a company that my friends, family, or professional has recommended. Good thing I simply typed book smart tutor reviews and found this.

Calgary, Alberta, Canada #904908

This goes to show what some companies will do to get business. Just plain awful.

Grand Prairie, Texas, United States #887845

Shameful. That is all I can say. Shame on those companies that post lies and fake reviews.

Queens, New York, United States #886032

I am fed up with some organizations that feel the need to fake reviews to drive in more business. What happened to honesty and integrity.

Obviously if they fake their own reviews than this Book Smart Tutoring company should not be trusted.

I came across this page because I was looking for Book Smart Tutor reviews in New York. I do not believe they are affiliated with each other but the agency in New York should follow up and see if they also violated trademark laws for the book smart tutor name.

Nebraska, United States #864711

Just awful! That is all I got to say.

New Jersey, United States #863572

That really gets me pissed! I hate online reviews for this reason.

The truth is not in online reviews. There a bunch of BS. I did look at the pictures for book smart tutors and compared them. WOW.

I also looked at their Google reviews and found that most of their reviews sound the same. So it seems like they either payed a company to do these reviews or they did it by themselves. But to have a duplicate review with a different name on another review site.

Regardless the conclusion is that we should not trust online reviews! I am confused is booksmart tutors US the same company and the book smart tutors in Canada these reviews are about?

Maple, Ontario, Canada #858746

This is the reason why no one should trust online reviews. They are a scam.

You just can't trust who wrote these reviews like this book a smart tutoring company did with their reviews. Word of mouth is your best friend.


Very interesting to say the least. You have to be careful of online review scams these days.

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